There have been allegations that some Swedish Embassy staff in Nairobi are anti-Somali forces

Bulsha:- It seems that the Somali government’s capacity building program, which was initially funded by the Swedish government, faced a setback due to staff changes at the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi.
The incoming Head of Development Cooperation had a different mindset than the previous staff and did not heed the government’s request for an extension of the program.

This led to hesitancy on the part of the Swedish Embassy staff to continue the program despite its positive outcomes.

Additionally, members from the Somali National Association in Sweden (SRFS) have learned that the Swedish Embassy is advocating for other donor communities to abandon capacity support for both the Somali and Somaliland governments.

Despite the fact that the capacity building initiative is included in both the current and planned strategies for Development Cooperation in Somalia, the Head of Development Cooperation has rejected all requests from the Federal Government, its Member States, and Somaliland.

Additionally, the Somali National Association and Somaliland Association in Sweden have tried to get clarification on the program’s future from the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi, but unfortunately, their requests have been declined.

Government officials have expressed that all their efforts to convince the Swedish Embassy staff about the importance of the program have been in vain.

Furthermore, members from SRFS have discovered that funds earmarked for Somali government institution support are planned to be used for the Swedish National Day celebration on June 6th in Mogadishu.

However, this event poses a significant risk to Somali-Swedes in Mogadishu, despite the intent of the Swedish Embassy staff to term it as diaspora engagement and capacity building.

Although the travels are planned for this date, none of the diaspora invited are in funded positions by the Swedish Embassy.

The Embassy has also made it clear that they will not be bearing the cost or guaranteeing the security of any of the invitees. According to the Somali-Swedish diaspora invitees, the purpose of the in-country arrangement, which has never been held before, remains unclear.

The appreciated support of the Swedish Government by both the Somali-Swedish diaspora and the Somali government is in danger of being tarnished by the actions of the staff at the Swedish Embassy.

It would be in the interest of Somalia to take measures to contain these staff members and prevent them from damaging the relationship between the two countries.

Wrote: Abdi Mohamed

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