Puntland responded to Hassan Sheikh's statement

Bulsha:- The Puntland regional government issued a press release and gave a strong response to the recent statement by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who downplayed the conflict between his government and the Growe administration, saying that he does not know what Puntland is complaining about.

The text issued by Puntland has been summarized in 10 answers to the president, and at the same time it has been clarified in Puntland's request to the federal government.

Mr. President, the Federal Government and Puntland Government are fighting each other, and no one knows about you, you know it, we know it, and the nation knows it.

The president of Puntland does not care about the government of my country, and it is not a step, blood and money have been spent in the construction of the country's government and the restoration of the 3rd Republic of Somalia which is the one that exists today.

The Federal Government and Puntland for the last 10 years have been fighting over 10 matters of destiny and constitution. For the last 10 years, Puntland has argued that the federal government should allow the country to be a federal state, implement the interim constitution, and agree on 10 issues that are the basis for the completion of the constitution and a lasting government based on a federal system.

1. Protecting the unity of the country, and that the Federal Government defends and clarifies its position on the division of the country, is an issue that particularly affects Puntland, and this is what is happening today in the SSC.

2. Completion of the country's Constitution, through a consultative process and a political agreement.

3. To agree on the National Security System, how to build and how to operate the armed forces of the country.

4. To agree on how to manage, and how to share the country's resources.

5. To agree and separate the powers and how the federal agencies and those of the member states of the Federation cooperate.

6. To agree on the system of justice and the judiciary in the country, and how the courts have different powers and proceedings.

7. To agree on the economic process and how the country's finances would be federal and open.

8. To agree on the type and manner of the election of Federal agencies in the country.

9. To agree on the status of the country's capital, its representation and the law governing it

10. To agree on the laws and regulations of the country before they are presented to the councils of the Federal agencies.

Puntland Government.

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