Brazil’s Bolsonaro launched his re-election bid, in the face of a fierce challenge from leftist Lula

Bulsha:- Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro launched his re-election campaign on Sunday, telling thousands of his jubilant supporters that opinion polls were wrong and that he was certain he would win this year’s election.

Bolsonaro faces a tough challenge to win re-election against his political opponent, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Many Brazilians are angered by Bolsonaro’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, rising inflation and rising fuel prices. Lula, whose Workers’ Party (PT) ruled Brazil from 2003 to 2016, maintains a 13-15 point lead in the poll over Bolsonaro.

“A false poll published a thousand times will not elect a president,” Bolsonaro said in a nationalist address to his supporters dressed in the yellow and green of the Brazilian flag. “I am sure of victory because I have an army by my side, and this army is made up of each and every one of you.”

Bolsonaro will run to the conservative Liberal Party, which he said was launching its “primary campaign” because the official election campaign had not yet started for the October elections.

Bolsonaro said his government has succeeded in cutting red tape, including easing restrictions on the possession and carrying of guns, which he said have reduced violence in Brazil.

Last week, he once again criticized the country’s electronic voting system, which he says is vulnerable to fraud that could keep him from winning, renewing fears that he may refuse to accept defeat as his political idol, former US President Donald Trump.

“What we want is to present a country in the future, in the future, and that is much better than the country that I received in 2019,” Bolsonaro said at the event in Brasilia. “This is not a battle between left and right, this is a battle of good against evil.”

Riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle away from the event, 53-year-old Christian Sade said Bolsonaro was a better patriot and president than Lula.

“It doesn’t take public money to fund leftist ideas that are very nice in theory but don’t work in practice,” she said.


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